Digital Base Packs

Elevate is designed to be used in a wide variety of church environments. Because of our desire to provide flexibility for you, we are excited to announce that Elevate Kids (ages 6-12) not only offers DVD Base Packs but NOW also offers Digital Base Packs!

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Do I Want a Digital or DVD Base Pack?

Digital versions of a series are beneficial when you already use multimedia software like MediaShout® or ProPresenter® to build your elementary children’s worship hour, and when you are looking for individual media elements for greater flexibility. It is also beneficial if you have previously purchased an Elevate series but want the additional elements found on the Digital Download*. With this format, you can download all the curriculum elements straight to your own computer.

DVD Base Packs are beneficial when you use a TV and a DVD player in each one of your children’s ministry or Sunday School rooms and do not need the additional media elements.

The 9 New Elements Included In A Digital Base Pack

MediaShout® and ProPresenter® Files

With each Digital series, your service media outlines have been prepped for you! Download the file and all of the elements for the lesson are already in the MediaShout® or ProPresenter® program, ready for your media person to advance each individual element as the script calls for it.

Have additional media elements you would like to add to the service flow? New media elements can easily be added to the existing MediaShout or ProPresenter files! For those of you who use a different multimedia software like EasyWorship, you can easily import the digital files you need or move the elements around to create your own worship service flow.

Higher Quality Videos

Without the need to compress video elements onto a DVD, the quality of the video is much closer to HD.

Updated Teacher and Co-Teacher Scripts

Updated Teacher and Co-Teacher scripts for the series add even more application and fun! If you have used the series before, we think you will readily agree!

Teacher and Co-Teacher Weekly Training Videos

Because it can be difficult to discern all the subtle nuances of a written script, we have filmed the entire Teacher/Co-Teacher portion of the hour for you. This is the perfect training tool for your leaders to watch and know exactly what they are supposed to do every week!

Drumrolls and Winner Songs

We all know that providing a competition element to each lesson creates energy. Well, now our new Drumrolls and Winner songs will give you a fun way to let your kids celebrate when their team wins. Each team is given their own unique winner song preceded by a six second drum roll!

Countdown Video

A countdown video announces the hour is about to begin and creates excitement and anticipation of the start of service.

Environmental Music

Want to extend the theme outside the classroom? Fill your hallways with series themed music in order to excite families about the themed series you are in.

New Opening Games

With additional opening games you’ll have even more fun while you capture children’s attention during the opening portion of your service! These are tried and true games we have used during our own elementary worship experience.