What Is A Base Pack?

The Elevate curriculum comes in a Base Pack that covers 8-weeks of lessons with the same theme. There are two types of Base Packs available – DVD-based or Digital File-based (on select Elevate Kids series). Each Base Pack is all-inclusive, providing you with everything you need for large groups and small groups of kids, preschool or elementary, whether you have 5 children or 500 children. Base Packs are perfect for use in children’s church, Sunday School, kids worship, VBS, or weekday programming. You can perform your teaching time (Skit and Bible Lesson) live using actors OR you can use the DVD to show the Skit and Bible Lesson Video while teaching live. The Base Pack is your starting point for either option.

What Is A Series?

Series are theme-based to capture a child’s imagination for Christ and connect several concrete examples to help teach the Bible Lessons – Adventure Theme, Underwater Theme, Sports Theme, etc. (Find theme decorating ideas on our Pinterest page) To see the Bible themes for each series, read “What Does Elevate Teach?

Using a themed series allows you to 1) decorate your environment to last eight weeks or longer, 2) match the Kids and Jr. curriculum by series to accommodate parents with children in both age groups, 3) promote in your community based on themed events.

Each series does come with eight lessons but you don’t necessarily have to do the lessons in order. We recommend looking at each series individually based on their skit. Some, if you keep lesson 1 first and lesson 8 last, you can mix and match in the middle. While the characters in the skits develop throughout all 8 lessons, each lesson is stand-alone in the sense that a child can come in at any point and not feel like they’re missing out on the previous week’s lesson.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each Base Pack provides eight weeks of curriculum. Each DVD and Digital Curriculum Base Pack is $159.00.

The DVD Base Pack Contains:

  • 2 Watch it/Train DVDs
  • 1 Perform it Live DVD
  • 2 Small Group Training DVDs
  • 1 Lesson Material CD-ROM
  • 1 Environmental Graphics CD-ROM
  • 1 Sound Track CD
  • Get Started Documents*

*follow the Get Started Documents for detailed step by steps of how to implement the curriculum in your setting.

A Digital Base Pack Contains: the same content as the DVD Base Pack, but in digital form, with additional items like drumrolls, updated scripts, new songs, Teacher and Co-Teacher training videos, and more. Learn more.

For how to use the Base Pack, read about what Technology is needed to set up Children’s Worship and/or Sunday School. Preview Our Three Favorite Base Pack Series That Come In Both DVD And Digital Format!

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