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What is Elevate

What Is Elevate Children’s Curriculum?

Who We Are And How We Live Our Purpose

We Are A Kids Ministry Too!

Elevate began in the heart of the FC Kids ministry at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas in the year 2005. Twelve years later, Elevate has produced 5 years worth of elementary curriculum and 3 years worth of preschool curriculum in both DVD and digital formats. A child can begin their Elevate lessons during childrens church when they enter the preschool and then progress all the way through 5th grade, without ever repeating an Elevate lesson.

The Elevate staff is a part of the FC Kids ministry. Therefore, the Elevate staff transfer the experiences they have using Elevate in FC Kids on the weekend to the experiences they have working with the curriculum during the week. They are dedicated to making the Elevate Jr. curriculumElevate Kids curriculum, and ElevateKids.com website, available to ministries worldwide. Elevate Kids digital curriculum can be used in your Sunday School, children’s church environment, or kids worship! Elevate also reaches children around the world through missions organizations with the simple Elevate Unplugged. When you contact us with questions, you are talking to an FC Kids minister who is passionate about helping you succeed in ministry.

Elevate’s Vision And Core Principles Match That Of The Local Church

Our vision for Elevate is simple. We exist to Reach UpReach Out, and Reach In.
These three principles are the biblical mandates of the local church.

Reach Up

Provide an exciting and God-honoring environment for kids worship.

Whether this is in childrens church, Sunday School, Large Group worship, or Small Groups, Elevate curriculum teaches children that all of us are wired for worship, and the only way we can express true love to God and worship Him is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Reach Out

Create a fun and engaging kids church experience that children want to invite their friends to.

Another key purpose of Elevate is to help you reach out to children and families in your church, while also reaching out to families in the community who are outside the family of God. Children can invite their friends, family, neighbors and classmates to attend church so they will hear and understand what it means to be a follower of Christ. Activities and tools given during each Elevate lesson help encourage and empower kids to invite others, while Take Home Flyers and LeadershipForKids.com programs help connect families to church during the week!

Reach In

Facilitate a time of Bible Lessons and application through Small Group activities.

The Christian life is one of constant growth and development. Elevate focuses on providing biblical principles that can be applied to a child’s everyday life. Some of the key ways children grow as Christ-followers at church and at home is by reading the Bible, praying, serving, and bringing their tithes and offerings.

Elevate’s Core Principles Are Kid’s Ministry Focused

Elevate Is Biblically Driven – All lessons emerge from a Bible Lesson and all lesson elements are built upon its foundation. We believe the Bible is the best leadership tool to equip children to become the leaders God designed them to be. Learn more about what our Children’s Pastor has to say about teaching the Bible.

Elevate Is A Video-Based Curriculum – Multiple video elements help you teach your lesson through a medium that kids love, engage with, and learn from during kids worship or Sunday School.

Elevate Is Theme-Based – Every lesson resides within a theme to add variety to your teaching. Every 8 weeks a new series begins, overviewing a biblical topic or person. Our scope and sequence is vibrant, colorful, and looks like a theme park map because we want children to be excited about each upcoming themed series.

Elevate Is Application Specific – Every lesson contains an applicational truth that children can relate to and incorporate into their everyday life, shaping their character in a godly manner and helping them become the leaders God designed them to be.

Elevate Is Designed To Help You Train Your Volunteers – The best form of training is not to tell someone what to do, or have them read what to do, but to show them what to do. Therefore, all key elements of each lesson are filmed for your volunteers to watch and see what they are expected to do.

Elevate Is Family Oriented – Along with a Take Home Flyer, your children can stream and watch many of the Bible Lessons they see in childrens church on our website, LeadershipForKids.com. By taking the lesson with them as they go, they can continue to apply God’s Word to their daily lives. Families can access over 300 Bible Lessons and Music Videos for free any time, anywhere, on any device. In addition, Elevate offers a parenting book written by Pastor Mike Johnson and his wife, Karry called Daddy, Mommy, and Me in addition to family conversation starters in the package, What’s For Dinner?

They’re Not Just Kids

Why does Elevate feel so passionately about equipping churches for childrens ministry? Watch this inspirational message from Children’s Pastor Mike Johnson as he shares with Fellowship Church why “They’re Not Just Kids.”