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Ministry Resources

Looking for Additional Resources?

A Catalog Of Resources For The Whole Church

Discover all the amazing resources from Senior Pastor Ed Young and Fellowship Church. From sermon notes, booklets, and media files, find resources for your church today.

A Relational Network Building The Church Together

C3 Global was created so we can celebrate, collaborate and support one another as we tell the world about Jesus! We do this through round tables, web events, special events and our annual C3 Conference. These events address the real and raw of church life, leadership and the unique challenges of being a senior pastor. Through these events, you will form relationships with other senior pastors that will encourage you, challenge you, and take your leadership to another level. We are not meant to do church alone, join the conversation today!

Elevate also partners with C3 Global to take Elevate children’s curriculum to Haiti and Guatamala with Elevate Unplugged!

Printing Graphics For Your Church

Elevate prints your kid’s ministry environmental graphics but Church Sign Shop prints welcome banners, parking signs and so much more. Church Sign shop offers large-format printing, exclusively to churches, at unbeatable rates. Request a free estimate on your next printing project today!