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What Does Elevate Teach

What Does The Elevate Curriculum Teach?

Elevate teaches children to lead and succeed by applying the Bible to their everyday lives.

Elevate is a Bible curriculum that offers creative teaching through fun characters, games, age-appropriate discipleship activities and kids worship music for preschool and elementary children. Our goal is for kids to remember the Bible Lesson and Main Point they learn during childrens church, Sunday School, or weekday programming because those will help the children remember how God wants them to live. Elevate teaches the Bible through engaging videos, songs, fun games, age appropriate activities, skits and so much more.

Kids Learn Best Through Stories

Kids learn best through stories and God gave us a Bible full of them so our kids can understand His great plan for them! Watch this video message by Children’s Pastor Mike Johnson to learn about the core of each Elevate Bible Lesson.

Preschool And Elementary

Age-appropriate lessons are at the core of what we do, which is why Elevate provides different lessons for multiple age groups – Elevate Jr. for ages 3-6, and Elevate Kids for ages 6-12. A couple of ways the lessons differ between these curriculums are through the length of the Main Point, which Bible Lesson we selected, and what applications are suggested.

Each Elevate Jr. and Elevate Kids Series are comprised of eight lessons that are themed based around certain Bible characters or Bible principles. When a child goes all the way through Elevate Jr. and Elevate Kids, they will have learned lessons and verses from every book of the Bible spanning from Genesis to Revelation (Note: except the Song of Solomon – we do not have this one yet. If you know of an age-appropriate child’s lesson on this book, please share it with us). Read a note from Elevate’s producer, Children’s Pastor Mike Johnson, on why we teach the Bible the way we do.

Bible Characters

Below is a list of Elevate series that teach kids based on the biblical character themselves:

Bible Principles

Below is a list of Elevate series based on leadership character traits or Bible principles that teach kids from multiple books of the Bible:

Bible Lessons In Chronological Order

Below is a list of Elevate series that teach kids specific Bible Lessons in chronological order.

Scope And Sequence

Look over Elevate’s comprehensive scope and sequence with downloadable .pdfs by Peak Map. You can also find each series’ scope and sequence on their individual series page.

Non-Denominational Focus

As a Bible curriculum, you will find lessons in Elevate that include Jesus’ Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, however, the script and activities in the lesson allow time for each childrens minister to explain how they celebrate these pillars of the faith in their own church. Learn more about Elevate’s beliefs.

Teaching Kids Salvation

Elevate is a ministry of Fellowship Church and as such, helping kids become Christ-followers is our top priority. One out of every two Elevate Kids series includes a specific Salvation lesson that asks for a response from the children. Looking for series with a Salvation lesson? We suggest Altitude Kids. Want to know what this looks like for the FC Kids ministry of Fellowship Church? Read Pastor Mike’s Blog here…


“I know our kids get solid Biblical teaching every single week!”

Julie Richard Children’s Pastor at Lake Hills Church, Austin, Texas