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Printed Elevate Sets for Your Children’s Ministry

Environmental graphics are an important part of our Elevate curriculum and are included in each series Base Pack. We believe that by using environmental graphics, such as your set and stage design, you can capture a child’s imagination for Christ! However, instead of printing your own sets, you can purchase printed Elevate sets and have them shipped to you! Each Elevate printed set is only $300 and includes 6 eight foot by four foot (8’x4′) panels of 1/4 FoamCore: four panels for the background and two panels with additional prints. See some examples of Elevate sets at the bottom of this page to see what’s included in each set. (Sets are available in every Elevate series.)

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Contact us to learn more or to order your set today!

Please include which series set you would like to purchase, as well as the quantity of sets per series.
Shipping is only in the continental United States. Please provide us the shipping address of where you want the Printed Sets delivered so we can promptly send you a shipping cost estimate.