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The Great Sky Bridge Showdown Series Tips

The Great Sky Bridge Showdown Series Tips

The Great Sky Bridge Showdown is a building series that will help the children in your ministry learn about some of the greatest construction projects in the Bible in elementary and about the stories of Exodus in preschool!


In The Great Sky Bridge Showdown, children will join the foremen and become construction workers as they learn to build a life that is pleasing to God.


The Great Sky Bridge Showdown Jr. (Preschool)

Children ages 3-6 will grab their tool belt and join Newton, Dot and Spike at the construction yard! In The Great Sky Bridge Showdown Jr., children will not only learn about building a bridge, they’ll also learn about stories from Exodus as they discover how they can build trust for God.


The Great Sky Bridge Showdown Kids (Elementary)

Children ages 6-12 will join Ike Ironsides and Caleb Cade on the job site as they seek to help build the Sky Bridge. Each week, as Caleb and Ike are led by Marge, she teaches them about some of the greatest construction projects in the Bible. Whether it's huge towers, strong walls or even gigantic boats, the Bible is full of incredible stories about construction projects. Caleb and Ike will learn about these Biblical construction projects alongside the children in your ministry. Throughout The Great Sky Bridge Showdown Kids, children will learn about how to follow God’s plan for their lives, how to obey God in everything they do, why we should never give up doing good, and why we should praise God instead of ourselves. We will also learn to keep God our priority, to share with others, that as Christians, we are the Church and that we should have perseverance while serving God. So, put on your hard hat and tool belt and let's get ready to build a life that is pleasing to God! This series will help the children in your ministry learn from different Biblical construction projects, and how they can build a life that is pleasing to God as well. To find out exactly what the children will learn in this series, click here.


What’s the same and what’s different?

In The Great Sky Bridge Showdown Kids, you will want to do the lessons in order to show the progress of the characters building the Sky Bridge. The Great Sky Bridge Showdown Kids Race is a stop-motion animation of Caleb vs. Ike that you can use each week during Large Group time. This race is great for getting the children involved in and excited about the series.


The Great Sky Bridge Showdown Digital Base Pack (Elementary)

With the downloadable digital format, you get the same amazing elements from The Great Sky Bridge Showdown Kids, plus more! The Digital series is beneficial when you are already using multimedia software like MediaShout® or ProPresenter® to build your elementary children’s worship hour. The digital version also includes the updated Elevate songs, “Under Construction” and “Take Me Away.”


What’s New and Highlights:

  • MediaShout® 4 or ProPresenter® 5 file for each lesson
  • Higher Quality Videos
  • Updated Teacher and Co-Teacher Scripts, Single Teacher Scripts, and Perform It Live Scripts
  • Teacher and Co-Teacher Weekly Training Videos
  • New Drumrolls and Winner Songs
  • Countdown Video
  • Environmental Music
  • Video Tips
  • New Worship Song Videos


In The Great Sky Bridge Showdown Digital, the children will compete through all of the Large Group elements to win a prize for each member of their team. What is this prize? We used Building Blox Candy Blocks as the prize, but you can use any candy or treat you would like. This prize is awarded after the Grand Champion Drumroll to each person on the winning team to encourage participation during each competition. At Fellowship Church, where we create the curriculum, if everyone is doing their best, we award two Building Blox Candy Blocks candies to the winning team and one Building Blox Candy Blocks candy to the second place team so that every child can enjoy the candy following each worship hour.


The Great Sky Bridge Showdown Environment and Decoration

There are many directions you can go with decoration and set design for The Great Sky Bridge Showdown. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Have volunteers wear safety vests, tool belts, construction hats and boots during the 8 week series.
  • Make construction signs and cranes out of foam board to hang on the set or around the room.
  • Use traffic cones, oil drums or plastic barrels, blocks etc. as props on your stage.
  • Divide your group into teams and make signs for each team to sit in their designated area. For example, "Bulldozers," "Rangers," or "Marines."


We look forward to seeing any stage pictures or series pictures from your children's ministry! Feel free to post them on our Facebook wall so others can see how you use The Great Sky Bridge Showdown! Or, check out our Elevate Set Design or Elevate Building Set Design Pinterest Boards here or here.


Many people ask how Elevate differs from series to series. These notes are written to help you prepare for a particular series – the similarities, the differences, the new elements, and the traditional ones. We hope this helps to answer your series questions, however you can always contact us directly at 972-471-6876 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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