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Make Things Industries Series Tips

Make Things Industries Series Tips

Make Things Industries Kids is all about building and designing. It is a factory/how-it’s-made themed series that teaches kids how to become the people that God designed them to be!

Make Things Industries Jr. Highlights:

Make Things Industries Jr. for kids ages 3-6 has the typical Elevate Jr. layout: it has a Drop-Off Time Activity, Opening Classroom Activity, Offering Activity, Main Point Classroom Activity and Pick-Up Time Activity in addition to the regular videos and songs. The Bible Lessons in Make Things Industries Jr. continue the ‘building and designing’ theme by retelling Bible Lessons in which something was made, such as The Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25:10-22 & 37:1-9), The Golden Calf (Exodus 32), and others. A few things are new, though: During the Bible Lesson Review, we decided to add the questions AND the answers to the screen so remember to hit “play” to see the answer during this portion. Another new thing for Make Things Industries Jr. is the Bible Lesson Craft Activity, which gives the children a chance to make a craft that relates to the Bible lesson they just learned.

Make Things Industries Kids Highlights:

In Make Things Industries Kids, children ages 6-12 join the workers of Make Things Industries, the most amazing toy, gadget, and candy factory in the world! They will learn about people in the Bible who started out as unimportant, but became great when used by God. This series is in our ‘standard Elevate series format’, meaning both the skits and Bible Lessons in Elevate Kids can be performed live, and Elevate Jr. is the same consistent format for Large Group or Classroom settings.

The series Bible Verse for Make Things Industries Kids is Philippians 1:6 (NLT). This verse tells us that God will work through us to complete His purpose — this theme is repeated with Bible stories that echo the message of God building and designing through humble people, such as the stories of Gideon (Judges 6 & 7), Joseph (Genesis 37 & 39-46), Samuel (1 Samuel 3), and others. We keep our normal ‘Bible Lesson’ format, breaking it up and using these Bible Lessons that convey the ‘building and designing’ message. This is similar to the way we did Bible Lessons in the series Allaso Ranch Kids and The Great Skybridge Showdown Kids. One thing that is unique to Make Things Industries is the ‘Down The Assembly Line’ race. Kids will “move down the assembly line” and jump, duck, and swerve to avoid a collision. This is similar to the race activity in Power Up Kids. The ‘Perform It Live’ portion of Make Things Industries Kids requires 2 actors on stage interacting with the video, including an option to tell the Bible Lesson live.

We look forward to seeing any stage pictures or series pictures from your children’s ministry! Feel free to post them on our Facebook wall so others can see how you use Make Things Industries! Or, check out our Pinterest page.

Many people ask how Elevate differs from series to series. These notes are written to help you prepare for a particular series – the similarities, the differences, the new elements, and the traditional ones. We hope this helps to answer your series questions, however you can always contact us directly at 972-471-6876 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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