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Goodman’s Global Games Series Tips

Goodman’s Global Games Series Tips

Many people ask how Elevate differs from series to series. These notes are written to help you prepare for a particular series – the similarities, the differences, the new elements, and the traditional ones. We hope this helps to answer your series questions, however you can always contact us directly at 972-471-6876 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Goodman’s Global Games is a worldwide sports competition that reveals to us what God wants to teach us about how to live the right way through lessons about some of the judges in the Bible.

In Goodman’s Global Games, children will experience a worldwide sports competition, similar to the olympics. Goodman’s Global Games Kids will follow Team Blue and Goodman’s Global Games Jr. will follow two athletes competing in the Games.

Goodman's Global Games Jr. Highlights:

In Goodman’s Global Games Jr., children ages 3-6 will join athletes Alesig and Kelsey for their very first trip to the worldwide sports competition known as Goodman’s Global Games! They’ll have to train hard, and practice a lot if they want to win gold medals. But don’t worry, Coach Hartright is here to help them and us learn lessons about some of the judges in the Bible. Throughout the eight weeks, the children in your ministry will learn about how to live, play, and compete the right way. The children will watch as Alesig and Kelsey will compete in team weightlifting, ping pong, tug o’ war, a relay, dodgeball, badminton, javelin throwing, and a septathlon (all seven events together). It’s a great series for younger children to learn about Deborah, Samuel, Samson, Elijah, and other Biblical judges!

This series DOES follow the normal “Elevate Jr. Format”. The skit style for Goodman’s Global Games Jr. is live action. In this style, Alesig and Kelsey, along with the children, learn as the lesson progresses, with the help of Coach Hartright. Current Elevate users will recognize the Bible Story/Skit format as being similar to the Elevate series, Epic Jr., in that the Bible Lesson is in the middle of the skit. This format allows the main characters of the skit the ability to learn alongside the kids. The competition style is also similar to other Elevate series such as DoJo Jr.

Goodman's Global Games Kids Highlights:

In Goodman’s Global Games Kids, children ages 6-12 will join Coach Locke, the Janitor, and the rest of Team Blue at the Goodman Arena for the biggest and most intense worldwide sports competition, Goodman’s Global Games! As the athletes of Team Blue train, practice, compete, and win, we’ll be learning lessons about how to be a good leader from some of the judges in the Bible. So get warmed up and stay hydrated, because Team Blue is going for the gold! Throughout the eight weeks, children in your ministry will get to watch Team Blue as they compete in hurdles, javelin, a relay, fencing, dodgeball, weight lifting, long jump, and a quadrathlon relay! Children will learn about helping, bravery, saying kind words, following good leaders, obeying God, making good choices, and worshipping God. This series will show the children in your ministry how God uses the judges to teach us many life lessons about how to live life His way!

The skit style of this series is similar to Good News Kids, as Goodman’s Global Games Kids is a Sportscast of the competition. There are many different characters and the videos jump back and forth between segments. The Bible Lesson for each week begins as three Sportscastors introduce the Leadership Tip of the week and then go into the Bible Lesson Animation about some of the judges in the Bible. To perform this series live, your team can perform segments with the coach and janitor while still utilizing the Sportscast video segment. Current Elevate users will recognize that the theme for Goodman’s Global Games Kids is similar to Super Sports Spectacular.

What’s New?

The Goodman’s Global Games Jr. Skits have people as the main character instead of puppets, however, there are puppets who interact with Alesig and Kelsey in two of the eight skits. Both Goodman’s Global Games Kids and Jr. include a “Goofy Global Games” segment from Fernando!

What’s the same and what’s different?

This series focuses on a study of the judges in the Bible. While Goodman’s Global Games Jr. activities are similar to other Elevate series, Goodman’s Global Games Kids contains new and fun scripture decoding activities to help the children memorize God’s Word and learn the skills to study God’s Word. It is very important to watch the small group demonstration video to know exactly how to do these.

We look forward to seeing any stage pictures or series pictures from your children's ministry! Feel free to post them on our Facebook wall so others can see how you use Goodman’s Global Games! Or, check out our Elevate Set Design Pinterest page

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