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Allaso Ranch Series Tips

Allaso Ranch Series Tips

Allaso Ranch is a beautiful camp and retreat center where children can go to take a look at the characteristics of God. This series will help the children in your ministry learn more about who God is and what He made us to do.


Allaso Ranch Kids (Elementary)

In Allaso Ranch Kids, children ages 6-12 will join Fisher, a staff member at Allaso Ranch, and Perry, his intern as they prepare for the children who are going to come to camp. At Allaso Ranch, the campers will get to experience a week where they can get away and get to know God. Whether you like hiking, swimming, paintball, riding down zip lines, or riding horses, this camp is where you want to be. As Fisher teaches Perry about how to best prepare the camp for the campers, they’ll be learning about how to live a life that is pleasing to God. So pack your suitcase, and don't forget your pillow, because at Allaso Ranch we're getting away and getting to know God! This series will help the children in your ministry learn about the characteristics they should have to live like Jesus! To find out exactly what the children will learn in this series, click here.

The skit style of this series is similar to other Elevate series in that one of the characters, Perry, learns each lesson alongside the children. The series format and style is similar to The Great Race Kids and Dojo Kids in that the Bible Lesson is a separate video from the skit. The Bible Lesson is taught at Allaso Ranch by Fellowship Church’s Children’s Pastor, and Executive Producer of Elevate, Mike Johnson. Yes, Allaso Ranch is a real place. The Bible Lesson is told in the great outdoors at different locations around Allaso Ranch. The Bible Lesson told by Pastor Mike is animated and includes multiple lessons about what Jesus does for us, the characteristics of God, and how we should live our lives as a result. To perform this series live, your drama team can perform segments with Fisher and Perry as well as perform the Bible Lesson live. Current Elevate users will recognize that the theme for Allaso Ranch Kids is similar to On The Trail Kids.


Allaso Ranch Jr. (Preschool)

In Allaso Ranch Jr., children ages 3-6 will join Sydney, Haley, and the Dirty Jacket Gang. As they learn from Director Sunshine about how to help each other at Allaso Ranch, they’ll also be learning about all the things that God made us to do. So, grab your sleeping bag and backpack, and come camping with us at Allaso Ranch! This series will help the children in your ministry learn about all the things that God made us to do! To find out exactly what the children will learn in this series, click here.

The skit style of this series is similar to other Elevate series in that the puppets learn each lesson alongside the children. The series is actually a continuation from the series City Streets Jr. when Sydney and his new neighbors, the Dirty Jacket Gang, go to camp. Only this time, Hayley is now learning about God alongside Sydney.


What’s the same and what’s different?

Allaso Ranch Kids is the only series filmed on location at Allaso Ranch. You can actually go to Allaso Ranch with your children’s ministry. That's right, Allaso Ranch is a real place. Want to experience the real Allaso Ranch? Check out Fellowship Church's camp and retreat center in East Texas!


Allaso Ranch Kids is also available in Digital Base Pack form.

The Digital series is beneficial when you are already using multimedia software like MediaShout® or ProPresenter® to build your elementary children’s worship hour. Each lesson of Allaso Ranch Kids Digital includes a camp themed activity that takes place during Large Group time. The Digital version also includes the new Music Video for the kid’s worship song, “Do It All Over Again.”


What’s New in Allaso Ranch Digital?

  • MediaShout® 4 or ProPresenter® 5 file for each lesson
  • Higher Quality Videos
  • Updated Teacher and Co-Teacher Scripts, Single Teacher Scripts, and Perform It Live Scripts
  • Teacher and Co-Teacher Weekly Training Videos
  • Countdown Videos and Drumrolls
  • Environmental Music
  • Video Tips
  • Random Activity Generator Large Group Team Games
  • Updated Opening Activities
  • New Music Video For Kid's Worship Song, "Do It All Over Again"


In Allaso Ranch Digital, there is a Team Activity that takes place in the middle of the script called the Random Activity Generator. The Random Activity Generator is played two different times throughout your children’s worship. There are five different categories the Random Activity Generator could stop on. They are: Leader Challenge, Dance-Off, Camp Race, Gummies For Everyone, and Pie The Teacher. During the Leader Challenge, some of the adult volunteers in the room will compete for their team in a camp themed game. During the Dance-Off, some of the adult volunteers or some of the children in the room will compete by dancing to a song. During the Camp Race, the teams will compete by cheering for a mascot in the Allaso Ranch Race. During Gummies For Everyone, the adult volunteers will give a Gummy Bear to everyone on every team. During Pie The Teacher, the Teacher or Co-Teacher or an adult volunteer in the room will be pied.


In this series, the children will compete during certain Large Group activities to win a Gummy Bear (or any candy or treat you would like). The Gummy Bears are awarded to each person on the winning team to encourage participation during each competition. Instead of having a Grand Champion at the end of the children’s worship hour, every team will have a chance to win and will receive a Gummy Bear each time their winner song is played. At Fellowship Church, if everyone is doing their best, we try to award each team with their winner song and Gummy Bear at least once during each children’s worship hour.


We look forward to seeing any stage pictures or series pictures from your children's ministry! Feel free to post them on our Facebook wall so others can see how you use Allaso Ranch! You can also look at our Elevate Set Design Pinterest board and Elevate "Outdoor" Theme Set Design board for inspiration and ideas.


Many people ask how Elevate differs from series to series. These notes are written to help you prepare for a particular series – the similarities, the differences, the new elements, and the traditional ones. We hope this helps to answer your series questions, however you can always contact us directly at 972-471-6876 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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