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Adventures In Science Series Tips

Adventures In Science Series Tips

Adventures In Science Kids will help the children in your ministry learn about the miracles and mysteries of the Bible!

Adventures In Science Kids follows Dr. Oppenheimerstein and Flask as they seek to tackle some of the greatest wonders of our time.

In Adventures In Science Kids, children ages 6-12 will join Dr. Oppenheimerstein and his assistant Flask. As Dr. Oppenheimerstein and Flask try to win the famous Plutonium Award, they’ll be learning that only God can perform miracles. So put on your safety goggles and lab coat and do the genius dance of joy into the AIS Laboratory as we learn about the miracles and mysteries of the Bible! This series will show the children in your ministry how God wants us to respond to His miracles so that we can live life His way. To find out exactly what the children will learn in this series, click here.

The skit style of this series is similar to other Elevate series in that the main character, Dr. Oppenheimerstein, learns the lesson alongside the children and has a Teacher/Co-Teacher style. The series format and style is similar to Treasure Quest Kids and Berry Blast Theme Park Kids in that the Bible Lesson is embedded within the skit as a part of teaching the main characters the right thing to do. The Bible Lesson is animated and includes multiple lessons about different miracles of the Bible. To perform this series live, your drama team can perform segments with Dr. Oppenheimerstein and Flask while still utilizing the animated Bible video segment. Current Elevate users will recognize that the theme for Adventures In Science Kids is similar to Dr. Tomorrow’s Robot Repair Shop Kids.

What’s the same and what’s different? Adventures In Science Kids is similar to almost all of the series in Peak 1 in the flow of the Large Group.

Adventures In Science is also available in Digital Base Pack form. The Digital series is beneficial when you are already using multimedia software like MediaShout® or ProPresenter® to build your elementary children’s worship hour. Adventures In Science Kids includes a Science Experiment as the object lesson for each lesson that takes place during Large Group time. The digital version also includes the new Elevate song, “Limitless”.

What’s New in Adventures In Science Digital?

  • MediaShout® or ProPresenter® 5 file for each lesson
  • Higher Quality Videos
  • Updated Teacher and Co-Teacher Scripts, Single Teacher Scripts, and Perform It Live Scripts
  • Teacher and Co-Teacher Weekly Training Videos
  • Countdown Video
  • Environmental Music
  • Video Tips
  • Science Experiments
  • Opening Activities
  • New Additional Children’s Worship Song, “Limitless”


Note: There is no Adventures In Science Jr. series.

We look forward to seeing any stage pictures or series pictures from your children's ministry! Feel free to post them on our Facebook wall so others can see how you use Adventures In Science Kids! Or, check out our Elevate Set Design Pinterest board.

Many people ask how Elevate differs from series to series. These notes are written to help you prepare for a particular series – the similarities, the differences, the new elements, and the traditional ones. We hope this helps to answer your series questions, however you can always contact us directly at 972-471-6876 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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