VBS is coming, are you weekend ready? | Elevate Kids Now
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VBS is coming, are you weekend ready?

VBS is coming, are you weekend ready?

So much VBS curriculum to choose from! And once you choose and go through all the ordering, the preparing, the recruiting, you still get to plan your weekends before and after the event. We totally understand! As a fellow church, we want to help make summer easier on you AND your volunteers, so check out this 2018 VBS Compare Chart to help pick a weekend curriculum that matches your VBS decorating or biblical theme!

Elevate comes in DVD or Digital format with pre-created MediaShout and ProPresenter files.

PS> Here’s where we pulled our list of available themes.


VBS — Elevate Series (all DVD, some Digital Format)

ShipwreckedShipwrecked (yes really!)

Babylon — Epic

Amped — Center Stage

Game On! — Goodman’s Global Games

Team Spirit — Goodman’s Global Games

Splash Canyon — Allaso Ranch (also Digital Format)

Rolling River Rampage  — Allaso Ranch (also Digital Format)

Jesus the Kingdom Builder  — The Great Sky Bridge Showdown (also Digital Format)

The Action Bible — Epic

Wildwood Forest — Allaso Ranch (also Digital Format)

Mighty Fortress — Kingdom Tales 

Hero Central — Heroes of Mega City (also Digital Format)

Polar Blast — Altitude (also Digital Format) or Winter Extreme (also Digital Format)

Maker Fun Factory — Robot Repair Shop

Moose On The Loose — Allaso Ranch (also Digital Format)

Time Lab — Adventures in Science (also Digital Format)


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