What do I use for Preschool with Elevate's Peak 1? | Elevate Kids Now
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What do I use for Preschool with Elevate’s Peak 1?

What do I use for Preschool with Elevate’s Peak 1?

For those of you who have used Elevate for an extended period of time you may be wondering about going back and using Peak 1 like we are doing at Fellowship Church. And if you DO go back you start thinking, if I use On The Trail, what series can I use in my preschool? Great question! Below are a couple of Elevate Jr. series suggestions to pair with the Elevate Kids year one series.

Elevate Kids Series                   Elevate Jr. Series

On The Trail                                    The Great Race Jr., Allaso Ranch Jr.

Berry Blast Theme Park*              Under The Big Top Jr.

Heroes*                                            City Streets Jr.

Adventures In Science*                Center Stage Jr. and Make Things Industries Jr.

Treasure Quest*                             Good News Jr.

Shipwrecked                                   Port of Call Jr. and To The Depths Jr.

Winter Extreme*                           Altitude Jr.

The above are matched either by set theme or Bible Lesson theme (i.e. Treasure Quest and Good News Jr. both revolve around the life of Jesus and Easter).

So why do we suggest Elevate Jr. Series you may have already done? Preschoolers ages 2-5 may already have moved on to Elementary since you did one of these series, or, in fact, may not remember much about the series. And just like watching their favorite reruns of Dora the Explorer® or Jake and The Never Land Pirates® every day, they have the capacity to watch the same Elevate series within a year or two of each other.

You can also watch How To Do Elevate Jr, with our children’s pastor, Mike Johnson!

*These five Elevate Kids series have also been updated to digital, downloadable format with new songs, activities, scripts and training videos! You can find out more here: https://elevatekidsnow.com/about/digital-base-packs/.

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