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Roanoke Jones Series Tips

Roanoke Jones Series Tips

Roanoke Jones is a detective series that will help the children in your ministry who are in elementary learn about some of the Bible’s greatest detectives and will help children in your ministry who are in preschool discover more about God’s creation. In Roanoke Jones, children will join Roanoke and his friends as they seek to stop the evil plans of Professor Arty Morty and learn about how we can better live our lives for God!


Roanoke Jones Jr. (Preschool)

In Roanoke Jones Jr., children ages 3-6 will join Roanoke Jones and his friends as they seek to stop the evil Professor Arty Morty from making the people of the world think everything God made is bad! Along the way children will follow clues to learn about God’s creation. Throughout this series, children will learn that God made light, God made the sky, God made the land and plants, God made the sun, moon and stars, God made the fish and birds, God made the animals, God made people, and God made our world. So gather the evidence! Follow the clues! Unravel the mystery! Solve the case! To find out exactly what children will learn in this series, click here.


Roanoke Jones Kids (Elementary)

Children ages 6-12 will experience a world of mystery and villainy where only their wits can help them. In Roanoke Jones Kids, join Roanoke Jones, Emily Swanson, and Leslie Strey as they seek to stop the evil Professor Arty Morty from taking over the city. Along the way, children will follow the clues through some of the Bible’s greatest detective stories. Throughout this series, children will learn that we should accept help from others, we will never be too important to help others, we should focus on God and worship only Him, we should show others mercy, we should remember the good things people have done for us and show gratitude, we should learn from others’ mistakes and not repeat them, we should pray and ask God for help, and we should ask questions when we have doubts. So gather the evidence! Follow the clues! Unravel the mystery! Solve the case! To find out exactly what children will learn in this series, click here.


What’s the same and what’s different?

In Roanoke Jones Kids, it is important to do the lessons in order (especially the seventh and eighth lessons) because each lesson builds on the previous lesson. The seventh lesson ends in a cliff-hanger where Emily Swanson and Leslie Strey are trapped by the evil Professor Arty Morty. The children will need to return the next weekend to find out what happened to Swanson and Strey and to find out if Roanoke Jones can save them. We have found, at Fellowship Church, this is a big deal for the children and that they really want to find out what happens to Swanson and Strey.

Roanoke Jones Kids includes a Look Closer video that you can use each week during Large Group time. This is different from other Elevate videos in that it is not a race video, but rather a video to test the children’s observation abilities. The children watch as a ball is placed under a hat. The hats are moved at different speeds during three rounds of the game. The children need to watch closely to determine what hat the ball is under when the person stops moving the hats. This Look Closer video is a great way to encourage child participation as they cheer for the hat they think the ball is under.


Roanoke Jones Kids is also available in Digital Base Pack format

With the digital format of Roanoke Jones Kids, you get the same amazing elements from Roanoke Jones Kids, plus more! The Digital series is beneficial when you are already using multimedia software like MediaShout® or ProPresenter® to build your elementary children’s worship hour. The digital version also includes the Elevate song, “That’s The Book 4 Me” and the brand-new Elevate song, “Heaven Is My Home.”


What’s Included in Roanoke Jones Digital?

  • MediaShout® 5 or ProPresenter® 6 file for each lesson
  • Higher Quality Videos
  • Updated Teacher and Co-Teacher Scripts, Single Teacher Scripts, and Perform It Live Scripts
  • Teacher and Co-Teacher Weekly Training Videos
  • Three New Drumrolls and Winner Songs
  • Countdown Video
  • Environmental Music
  • New Worship Song Video
  • Original Worship Song Video


In Roanoke Jones Digital, there are three Drumroll videos: Team Roanoke, Team Swanson, and Team Strey. You can separate your room into three teams or you can use two of the Drumrolls and still have two teams, separated by grade. You can even do this as a girls versus boys series where the boys are Team Roanoke and the girls are Team Swanson, for example. The children will compete through all of the Large Group elements in order to hear their team’s drumroll. There are no points or prizes given away during this series, but you may choose to include this.


Roanoke Jones Environment and Decoration

There are several directions you can go with decoration and set design for Roanoke Jones. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Have volunteers wear goggles, oversized watches, trench coats, or detective hats.
  • Add a bench to the set.
  • Bring out the fence and plants from the house on the set onto the stage to create a 3D look on your set.
  • You can include fake plants or foamboard plants on your set as well as a street lamp.

If you are using this series as your Christmas series:

  • You can include items on your set such as Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and any other Christmas decorations.
  • You can include Christmas music to use in your environment.


We look forward to seeing any stage pictures or series pictures from your children’s ministry! Feel free to post them on our Facebook wall so others can see how you use Roanoke Jones in your environment! You can take a look at our Elevate Set Design Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration. If you are using Roanoke Jones as your Christmas series, here are some ideas for decorating for Christmas!


Many people ask how Elevate differs from series to series. These notes are written to help you prepare for a particular series – the similarities, the differences, the new elements, and the traditional ones. We hope this helps to answer your series questions, however you can always contact us directly at 972-471-6876 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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