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A More Efficient Digital Download

A More Efficient Digital Download

Thank you, children’s ministers and media volunteers, for your constant and detailed feedback this last year as we launched the Elevate Digital Base Packs! Thanks to you, we’ve been able to tweak a few things and, starting with Roanoke Jones Digital, we’ve updated three very important features:

Smaller File Sizes

Now you can download the Lesson Materials, Training Videos, and MediaShout® OR ProPresenter® files separately. This saves lots of download time as well as space on your computers. For example, if you need the lesson materials on your laptop that’s connected to the church printer, but need your ProPresenter® files on the desktop in your children’s room, you can download just the files you need.

ProPresenter® Zipped File

Now ProPresenter® is zipped into one complete file – no linking files necessary! We started this in FC Kids at our campuses and it has made life easier for both the campus pastors and the media volunteers. There are fewer errors and a shorter load time.

MediaShout® and ProPresenter® Upgrades

To make it easier for you to work with MediaShout® and ProPresenter® if you encounter an error, we’ve updated our systems to the newest editions of both programs. We are now on ProPresenter® 6 and will shortly be moving to MediaShout® 6.

All this information may bring up more questions and we would love to talk to you about them! Please call us anytime M-F 9am-4pm (CST), email us at info@elevatekidsnow.com, or add a comment below!

How does this change what you are doing in your kid’s ministry right now?

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