How can I use MediaShout® or ProPresenter® in Children's Worship? | Elevate Kids Now
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How can I use MediaShout® or ProPresenter® in Children’s Worship?

How can I use MediaShout® or ProPresenter® in Children’s Worship?

It’s the start of a New Year and you want to bring new technology into your children’s worship hour. So what do you do? The first thing many people do is ask around, call their tech friend or their youth pastor, and decide, yes, our children’s area needs this! Then they go online and buy a curriculum that promises to be the best decision they made all year!

Before you jump headlong into this time-saving, creative venue of children’s worship technology, we recommend a few things.

A Few Recommendations To Use Digital Media In Children’s Worship

1. Does your church already use this multimedia software? Then we HIGHLY recommend going with what is already purchased and installed.

Not only will you have people around you who can help you troubleshoot (which really is the biggest plus), but you already have access to the MediaShout® or ProPresenter® to familiarize yourself with it before you shop for curriculum.

2. Familiarize yourself with the technology.

Watch a YouTube video, go to a neighboring children’s ministry who already uses it and ask to sit with the media volunteer, or contact the company directly for tutorials. Feel like this technology is complicated? That’s when we recommend you…

3. Find a media volunteer.

Seriously one of the the most life-changing things you can do, even if you are tech-savvy. Talk to them about MediaShout® or ProPresenter® (most will have already heard about it) and find someone who will partner with you to get everything set up initially, AND each week. Our favorite media volunteers? 14-18 year olds. Why? Because they love new things and are probably learning something similar at school.

4. And last but not least…update your current technology.

We know, you want to save money (of course!) but updating your computer or internet connection is an investment in the long run. The most calls we get are from users who cannot download the files because of the large size over their wifi or dial-up, have nowhere to store the files because their computer does not have enough space (short term solution: use an external hard drive), or worse, have an old version of the program that will not run the newest files. If this paragraph did not make sense, refer to the previous point.

Don’t give up! This may sound like a lot, but for the next several years you will be able to run an exciting, fun-filled worship program like a pro and with very little effort.

Here’s how Elevate curriculum partners with you to make it easy to use our Digital Base Pack:

1. Pre-created MediaShout® and ProPresenter® files with matching scripts save you HOURS of prep time.

2. Fun elements like drumrolls, large group games, etc., keep your kids engaged in the lesson.

3. Experience and Training – What’s ours is yours!

We know this curriculum works because we use it on the weekends in FC Kids at Fellowship Church! We know volunteers need to be equipped we provide training videos to help you have the best children’s worship hour each week!

Still have questions? Check out our blog to walk through sample elements of Elevate’s digital curriculum, or download a digital copy of a free full lesson from Elevate’s Treasure Quest series to try it now! And you can always call us at 855-693-5382 to set up a time so we can walk you through how to use the digital curriculum in your children’s ministry!

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